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  • Northern Long-Eared Bats Need Protections

  • Dear Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell and Fish and Wildlife Director Dan Ashe

    In the fall of 2013 Fish and Wildlife recognized the dramatic and rapid decline of northern long-eared bats and recommended they be protected as endangered by fall 2014. But heavy opposition from industry has delayed protection.

    A 2010 study estimated that bats provide $3.7 to $53 billion annually in pest-control services to American agriculture. Bats eat bugs, and that's very good for both people and their crops.  We support Endangered Species list protection for the northern long-eared bat for this reason and because bats are an important part of our West Virginia and eastern forest ecosystem.

    Northern long-eared bats can't wait any longer for the powerful protection of the Endangered Species Act.  Please act quickly to put this tiny mammal under full federal protection to stop its plunge toward extinction.

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