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Eastern Forest Gas Drilling Coalition

The Eastern Forest Gas Drilling Coalition was formed in 2011 to address Gas Drilling on Public Lands. Initial discussions focused on the growing impact of Marcellus Shale drilling on public lands and how to meet those challenges. Four National Forests - the Allegheny (PA), the Wayne (OH), the Monongahela (WV) and the George Washington (VA) were represented. All have large reserves of gas under the forest land, but most of the activity at this time is centered on the Allegheny. With 93% of the gas under the Allegheny privately owned, remedies to regulate drilling on this forest are limited and present a particular challenge.

The working group will create a "Citizen's Guide to Gas Drilling on National Forests" and will research strategies for responding to a wide range of threatened negative effects of gas drilling on these important public lands; and will recruit more organizations to take part in this working group.