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West Virginian's take great pride in our State Parks -- they are the crown jewels of our public lands!

But now there is a new threat to our beautiful State Parks. The largest gas well driller in the nation wants to drill gas wells and develop new gas fields with their roads, pipelines, waste lagoons, and more --- right in one of our treasured State Parks. Chief Logan State Park is the latest in the list of public lands imperiled by gas drilling.

West Virginians and visitors come to Chief Logan and our other state parks to hike, picnic, swim, play, meet friends and family, and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. Gas development in our State Parks would damage all the values we hold dear.

WV Supreme Court Rules on Chief Logan Drilling Case

In a stunning ruling the WV Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that drilling permits can be issued to Cabot Oil and Gas, allowing them to proceed with plans to drill for natural gas on Chief Logan State Park. Chief Logan must be shedding a tear today as he looks down on West Virginia. Not to worry Chief Logan, we are still looking at all options to prevent the destruction of one of West Virginia's beautiful state parks.

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