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  • Forest Service Trail Repairs Necessary

  • Dear Monongahela National Forest Service Supervisor,

    I am very concerned about the fact that the Forest Service has not been maintaining some of the most beautiful hiking trails and public areas in the Blackwater Canyon -- including the Blackwater Canyon Rail Trail, Canyon Rim Trail, and Limerock Trail. 

    At some places, toppled trees, stinging nettles, and overgrown rhododendron make hiking and biking on these trails impossible.  Additionally, the degraded campsite at the head of Big Run, the non-existent picnic area around Olson Fire Tower, and the broken windows on the Tower itself, are an eyesore and an embarassment.

    I recognize that budget cuts have created problems for the Service.  But we allstand ready to help support trail repairs -- to get the public out into America’s Great Outdoors … and especially into the magnificent BLACKWATER CANYON!! 

    Please advise what you intend to do to deal with this situation.

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