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From the very earliest explorations that described a magnificent canyon and dramatic river to the boom of the industrial age to today's recreational playground, the Blackwater Canyon and surrounding areas have been steeped in history.

The story of Blackwater Canyon, and indeed Tucker County, is the story of the pioneering industrialist, the cunning businessman, the immigrant looking for a better life and the mountaineer carving out Appalachia. It is a story told in some fourteen different languages to countless generations that echos of making a better life, of people living together and not only respecting each others cultural differences but growing from them. Like an amazingly endless novel it tells of everything from engineering feats to the burgeoning civil rights movement. It is America's story.

The Blackwater Canyon is a treasure chest of history, just waiting to be opened. So whether you are a studied historian or just the average guy looking for a great story about real people, real places and real events, please take this invitation to step into Blackwater History. A treasure awaits you!





Porte Crayon

The Industrial Era

Civil Rights & Clifford

New Deal