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The North Fork of the Blackwater River is impacted by Acid Mine Drainage (AMD), and associated metal deposits caused by runoff from abandoned deep and surface mines from the early 1900s. The North Fork Watershed Project, established in the summer of 2002, is working to find creative community-based solutions, taking into consideration the rich historic and cultural resources of the North Fork watershed.

The North Fork Watershed Project, established in August of 2002, is committed to working with the community to find creative solutions to this problem. Solutions to the water pollution will take into account the rich cultural resources in the watershed. The area boomed in the early part of the 1900’s with the coal mining and timber industries. These industries are gone leaving these adverse environmental impacts as well as many historical landmarks. Some of the watershed project’s goals include coordinating historical and educational projects and working with state and federal agencies to improve water quality in the North Fork and the amount of life the river can sustain. The North Fork Watershed Project was created by Judy Rodd, executive director for Friends of Blackwater Canyon to clean up the acid mine drainage in the North Fork of Blackwater River. Water treatment systems combined with historic preservation and interpretation will restore and enhance the beauty and recreational potential of the North Fork and adjacent land.

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