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97 Percent Brown Bat Kill at Pendleton County's Hellhole Cave; WV Bats are getting hammered!

In a recent conversation with Craig Stihler of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Stihler reported on the spring 2013 survey of bats in Hellhole Cave, in Pendleton County -- which holds more bats than any other cave in the State.  What happens in Hellhole reflects what is happening to bats across West Virginia.

                 Mr. Stihler said that little brown bat populations are down 97% -- from 87,000 in 2010 to less than 2,500; and that Indiana bats are down approximately 86%, from the 2010 number of 18,000 to a 2013 number of 2,500!! We all are indebted to the intrepid biologists and spelunkers who collected the data for this important study.

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Tell Governor Tomblin to Buy Blackwater Canyon!

Join us in sending a message to WV Governor Earl Ray Tomblin that it is time to Buy Blackwater Canyon! Click here to read about threats to the Blackwater Canyon!

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The Blackwater Canyon Trails Have Been Neglected!

The Blackwater Canyon Rail Trail and others are littered with fallen trees and other overgrowth. Please click here to read more.

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Tell the Monongahela National Forest to Protect Ginny and Our Bats

The proposed Upper Greenbrier North timber project is located near the towns of Durbin and Frank, the former home of the National Science Academy. This is an area with prime habitat for “Ginny,” the West Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel andwhere there are major endangered bat cave systems. This is also, an area that lies between two National Natural Landmarks -- Gaudineer Knob Scenic Area and Blister Swamp. Please comment and sign our petition asking the Forest Service to reconsider this project.

President Obama, Keep Endangered Species Protections for "Ginny"

"Ginny", the West Virginia Northern Flying Squirrelhas lost her federal protections. Please click here to send a letter to President Obama requesting that he do all possible to keep "Ginny" protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Tell Senator Manchin it is time to Buy Back Blackwater Canyon!

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