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Friends of Blackwater has been concerned about bat deaths since 2003 when huge numbers of bats were killed in Tucker County at the Mountaineer Industrial Wind Project. This concern increased when bats began dying by the thousands from White Nose Syndrome in 2006. This lethal fungus spread south from New York State and reached West Virginia in 2009. As the Status Review explains the little brown bat is severely impacted by both developments. Once the most common bat in the eastern US, the little brown could be extinct in 14 years. We are asking that the Service review the status of this bat and add it to the endangered species list asap!

Press release: USFWS - North American bat death toll exceeds 5.5 million from white-nose syndrome

USF&WS: A National Plan for Assisting States, Federal Agencies, and Tribes in Managing White-Nose Syndrome in Bats

Bad news for bats: deadly fungus persists in caves