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Deadline: Comments on Pumped Storage due Dec. 28th

This is a reminder that if you are interested in submitting comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on the proposed Big Run Pumped Storage project, the deadline for this round is December 28th. This comment period is for the pre-permit, which covers preliminary activities like surveys and planning. We want to foster public involvement […]

stream cascade in Holly River State Park

State Park Funding Solutions

This past spring, citizens made clear that commercial timbering in state parks was not an acceptable solution for the parks’ maintenance backlog. Now, with a new legislative session on the horizon, people are thinking about alternative funding sources that could be used to preempt any more bad ideas from the legislature. Recently, Robert Beanblossom, who […]


Candy Darter Listed as Endangered

The candy darter, a small colorful fish found only in West Virginia, has been added to the Endangered Species list by the Fish and Wildlife Service. The candy darter gets its name from its bright red stripes, and is found in the Bluestone, Greenbrier, Gauley and New Rivers. It was first documented in 1931 in […]

Beaver Creek Update – Fall 2018

After 18 months of monitoring and a series of meetings with state, business and non-profit partners, we are closing in on a first draft of the Beaver Creek watershed-based plan.  In order to receive grants from the EPA targeting restoration of the waterway, we have to have a watershed based plan, so this is the […]


North Fork Update – Fall 2018

In September, Friends of Blackwater has hired Langan, Inc. and Hedin Environmental to design a replacement for the wetland anoxic limestone drain (WALD) mine drainage treatment system, just downstream of the FOB office, on the North Fork of the Blackwater. The WALD was an experimental system that was installed to treat acid mine drainage entering […]

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Friends of Blackwater Featured at WVNPA Panel

On September 25th and 26th, non-profits from around the state met at Canaan Valley Resort for the West Virginia Non-Profit Association’s annual leadership summit. There were panels and workshops throughout the gathering, including one featuring Friends of Blackwater. The “New Approaches to Volunteerism” panel included Kelly Stadelman of the Tucker Community Foundation, Danny Swan of […]