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Protecting and celebrating West Virginia's "wild and wonderful" parks
map of wv state parks
West Virginia's state parks are beloved by tourists and locals alike. Over 7 million people visit West Virginia's state parks every year, and that number is growing. Visitors use parks for hiking, biking, camping, boating, fishing, wildlife viewing and more. Scattered across the state, parks showcase a wide variety of ecosystem types, scenic views, and outdoor recreation options.
Parks are also great for West Virginia's economy. In 2015, the economic significance of state parks was between $213.4 million and $248.7 million. Every $1 of general revenue invested parks generates $13.15 in economic activity.
Many of our parks have a backlog of maintenance issues, and need additional investment to continue to be an asset to locals and visitors alike. Friends of Blackwater is working to raise awareness of this issue, and we will be bringing you opportunities to advocate for the park system. In the meantime, learn a little more about our parks with the blog posts below.

Latest News

WV Wilderness

FOB Signs on to Wildlife Recovery and Public Lands Letter to Biden

Friends of Blackwater has signed onto a letter to President-Elect Biden as his team begins to address the COVID-19 public health crisis and develop an economic recovery plan, requesting the creation of long-term conservation and restoration jobs. The US can overcome this economic downturn while protecting and restoring our unique natural resources, including biodiversity, and […]

New Signs at Davis City Park

Friends of Blackwater have a brand new set of signs currently standing in Davis City Park near the pavilion, uses historic photos and maps to show the evolution of the sawmill complex that sat between the Blackwater River and the Town. The original plan was for Emmie, Cheyenne, and I to dig up all the […]

Prickett's Fort

State Park Spotlight: Prickett’s Fort

Located in Marion County along the Monongahela River, the 188 acre Prickett’s Fort State Park is a fun jaunt into living history. Founded in 1975, the State Park is built upon the location of a late 18th Century settler’s fort of the same name. Visitors can visit Prickett’s Fort and learn about settler and colonial […]


State Park Spotlight: Pipestem Resort

Located along the Bluestone River about 12 miles northeast of Princeton, WV, Pipestem Resort State Park (commonly just called Pipestem State Park) is a testament to government planning and outdoor recreation. Founded in 1963, the park is on over 4,000 acreas and offers recreational opportunities for almost anyone. It is named after the meadowsweet plant, […]

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State Park Photo Contest Winners

We are so excited to announce the winners of our 2019 state parks photo contest. After receiving over 50 submissions, our judges had a very hard -and enjoyable- time reviewing the photos. The contest had three categories: “People in Parks,” “Scenery,” and “Wildlife.” We’d like to thank everyone who submitted their work. Winners have received […]


State Parks by the Numbers

We love state parks here in West Virginia. They’re beautiful, they’re fun, and almost all native West Virginians have fond childhood memories in them with friends and family. And while most of us only think of state parks as a source of fun recreation and a way to escape busy city and town life; state […]