First Brick in the WALD

As part of our Beaver Creek project, FOB had the opportunity to make improvements to the inflow structure at the Wetland Anoxic Limestone Drain (WALD) adjacent to the North Fork of the Blackwater.  Local craftsmen Lon Marshall and Tommy Ashton rebuilt the structure and were so generous with their time that FOB was able to […]

two pipes discharge water into the North Fork

Watershed Based Plans

In order to do watershed remediation work in West Virginia, organizations must have a watershed based plan that has been approved by the Department of Environmental Protection. There are many different elements that go in to a watershed based plan including: -A description of the watershed, its geography, geology, and existing land uses -Identification of […]

water quality monitoring using a sensor on a small stream impaired by acid mine drainage

March 2018 Watershed Update

North Fork of the Blackwater Pop quiz: what is red and white and weighs 400 pounds? No, it’s not the world’s largest candy cane.  It’s the DAILY weight of dissolved iron and aluminum in the acid mine drainage (“AMD”) that is coming out of the underground “Coketon Mine Pool” (old collapsed and abandoned mine workings) […]

view of Douglas Falls from above

Acid Mine Drainage

The water cycle is simple: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, infiltration — and repeat.  Simple, but only part of the story.  Thanks to legacy left behind from coal mining, the water in our Blackwater River can become far more than simply a mix of hydrogen and oxygen.  Here’s how: The Upper Freeport coal seam dips downhill towards […]