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Friends of Blackwater relies on the help of our community to help us protect precious and endangered land

Help us push back against logging in flying squirrel habitat!

In order to file an objection, comments must be submitted by October 18th. However, you can still submit comments to the Forest Service on proposed timbering in 82 acres of West Virginia northern flying squirrel habitat after that date.
Ginny, the West Virginia northern flying squirrel
map of WVNFS habitat
Here is the sample text we are providing for comments:
I am writing to object to the proposed timbering in over 80 acres of West Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel (WVNFS) habitat in the Spruce Mountain Grouse Management Area.
-WVNFS are strongly associated with mature intact forest, and timbering would degrade their habitat.
-Many of the food sources that WVNFS rely on are most abundant in mature forest, and the structural characteristics of mature forest provide shelter.
-Habitat connectivity in intact forests allows WVNFS to travel, and supports the genetic viability of WVNFS populations.
All of these benefits could be lost if the area is timbered. Flying squirrels are a sensitive species, and have been termed a "sentinel of ecological processes" by researchers.
I am also concerned that this project may adversely impact rare bat species, such as the northern long-eared bat. Please protect habitat for these sensitive species from timbering.
You can find the full draft Environmental Assessment here or read the comments we submitted here. Click on the red button below to submit your comment and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Write A Letter To Your Representative

New Threats to the Endangered Species Act

Send a letter to your Senators asking them to support the Endangered Species Act.

The Endangered Species Act is a critical environmental law with a proven record of success. It has saved iconic American species from extinction, and has prevented the extinction of 99% of species listed. Unfortunately, this law is under attack from special interests who want to roll back protections. Please write to your legislators and let them know that you support the Endangered Species Act, and want them to reject any efforts to undermine it.

We're providing some suggested language at right, but feel free to edit and personalize your message. Why does the Endangered Species Act matter to you?

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