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Friends of Blackwater relies on the help of our community to help us protect precious and endangered land

Speak out for Forests!

Tell the Forest Service to protect public input and sound science in management decisions.
Great news! The comment period has been extended until August 26th!
When you click "start writing" you'll be given a sample letter asking the Forest Service to reject these harmful changes to the NEPA process. The text of that letter is also displayed below. Please change, personalize and add to this letter - the Forest Service ignores identical form letters. For example, tell them why love National Forests, or how use these public lands.
You can read the federal register listing for the proposed rule change here.
Please REJECT the proposed changes to its National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) policies proposed by the Forest Service. The proposed changes would allow the agency to move project planning behind closed doors by cutting out the public from the decision-making process and eliminating any science-based review of impacts to water, recreation, and wildlife.
Changes would create loopholes to increase the speed and scale of resource extraction including logging, drilling and mining -- while eliminating public awareness and input on up to 93% of proposed projects. The changes would severely restrict the ability of local communities to weigh in on Forest Service projects impacting them. This is wrong and we urge you to REJECT these proposed changes.
In addition, the proposed changes:
- Put clean drinking water at risk of pollution.
- Give extractive industries supremacy on public lands.
- Reduce backcountry recreation opportunities. The new provisions of this rule could result in thousands of miles of new roads being built into our last remaining wild places, with no public involvement or notification.
-Endanger wildlife and pristine forest land.
Increasing funding, staffing and training would be a more effective way to increase Forest Service efficiency in environmental decision-making. Instead, this draft rule will make it easier to rubberstamp permits for massive corporations to clear-cut, drill, and mine in our national forests.
Kent Mason Mon Forest image

A view of Cranberry Bog, on the Monongahela National Forest

Write A Letter To Your Representative

New Threats to the Endangered Species Act

Send a letter to your Senators asking them to support the Endangered Species Act.

The Endangered Species Act is a critical environmental law with a proven record of success. It has saved iconic American species from extinction, and has prevented the extinction of 99% of species listed. Unfortunately, this law is under attack from special interests who want to roll back protections. Please write to your legislators and let them know that you support the Endangered Species Act, and want them to reject any efforts to undermine it.

We're providing some suggested language at right, but feel free to edit and personalize your message. Why does the Endangered Species Act matter to you?

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