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Sign the petition to protect Beaver Creek!

Keystone Mining Discharge Permit Petition

Sign this petition to request the WV DEP hold a public hearing for this permit and protect the trout in Beaver Creek!

Beaver Creek, a major tributary of the Blackwater River, is at risk of receiving even more mining related pollution than it already does. In addition to the legacy Acid Mine Drainage that already impairs biological life in the watershed, the Keystone Surface Mining National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit would allow this site to discharge unacceptable pollution into Beaver Creek, potentially undermining the restoration work completed in the watershed and harming aquatic life.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent by state agencies, private groups, and non-profits like Friends of Blackwater to remove Acid Mine Drainage pollution and sedimentation, improve stream structure, and restore Beaver Creek to be finally able to support a healthy trout population.

Join us in requesting a public hearing for this permit and demanding that the WV DEP Division of Mining and Reclamation treat Beaver Creek as a trout stream before issuing a permit for the Keystone Surface Mining site to discharge water into the Watershed. This NPDES permit should raise discharge standards to that of a trout stream. Add your name to this petition to help advocate for clean water in the Blackwater Watershed!

Write A Letter To Your Representative

New Threats to the Endangered Species Act

Send a letter to your Senators asking them to support the Endangered Species Act.

The Endangered Species Act is a critical environmental law with a proven record of success. It has saved iconic American species from extinction, and has prevented the extinction of 99% of species listed. Unfortunately, this law is under attack from special interests who want to roll back protections. Please write to your legislators and let them know that you support the Endangered Species Act, and want them to reject any efforts to undermine it.

We're providing some suggested language at right, but feel free to edit and personalize your message. Why does the Endangered Species Act matter to you?

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Keystone NPDES Draft Permit

Keystone NPDES Draft Permit

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