West Virginia Center on Climate Change

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West Virginia Center On Climate Change – extra text
Tom and Logan
The West Virginia Center on Climate Change (“WVCCC”) is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Morgantown, WV.  It was founded in 2019 by Friends of Blackwater, a regional conservation group that has organized climate change education programs since 2013.
West Virginians need science-based research, education, communication, dialogue, advocacy, policy, and action to address the challenge of human-caused global warming and climate change.  The mission of the WVCCC is to help meet these needs by bringing up-to-date, multi-disciplinary scientific and policy expertise into a wide range of civic and community settings in a nonpartisan and constructive way, and to be an informational and leadership resource to the widest possible range of individuals, organizations, and institutions.  The WVCCC takes an “all of the above” position on climate solutions.
The WVCCC’s strategic approaches to addressing the challenge of climate change are to (1) help create and deploy effective, accessible, inclusive, science-based educational programs; (2) help build grass-roots and leadership understanding; (3) help foster common-sense and constructive dialogue; and (4) help identify, develop, and promote policy options and common-ground solutions that will lead to effective action.
The WVCCC’s strategic philosophy is generally (1) opportunistic, adapting and evolving with changing circumstances; and (2) deliberative, seeking to learn from experience and to implement the best available options.  The WVCC is currently under the fiscal supervision and management of the 501(c)(3) group Friends of Blackwater; it has a separate program advisory Board.