Friends of Blackwater works to conserve critical habitat for rare species, and to fight for policies like the Endangered Species Act and Extinction Prevention Act which will keep West Virginia and the Highlands "wild and wonderful" for future generations.


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West Virginia White Butterfly

Sign Up For Eco Tours With FOB!

Friends of Blackwater is happy to announce that we are now offering eco-tours of the Allegheny Highlands! The Allegheny Highlands of West Virginia are a biodiversity hotspot for the entire globe! There are southern species here that reach the northernmost point of their range here as well as northern species that reach the southernmost point […]


Winter Wildlife Art Contest!

Friends of Blackwater held a Winter Wildlife art contest for students up to grade 12. We had a list of animals that were to be used. The idea was to draw or paint the animals in a setting that they would be found in winter. For example, Timber Rattlesnakes spend the winter in dens under […]