Endangered Species Artwork Contest

Endangered Species Day was May 15th! FOB hosted an Endangered Species Art Contest for Kids to help you learn about some plants and animals that are pretty fantastic, but are at risk of disappearing if we don't help protect them!

You celebrated some of West Virginia's amazing endangered species, or endangered species found elsewhere in the world, by drawing or painting it, and submitting it to Friends of Blackwater. Prizes included a Flying Squirrel puppet, a stuffed bat, a fun FOB t-shirt, and an endangered sticker pack from Rosalie Haizlett! They will also be featured in our summer 2020 newsletter.

Find a list of listed threatened and endangered WV species here. Visit Fish and Wildlife's site to learn about more endangered species to draw!

WV nature illustrator, Rosalie Haizlett, and FOB's favorite flying squirrel, "Ginny", helped judge the finalists and winners were announced on May 22nd.

Submissions were due on May 15th, but maybe the artwork below will inspire you to learn more about a new endangered species.

Endangered Species Artwork Contest(2)


Tiny conservationists (2-5 years): Nix Mielzarek, WV Northern Flying Squirrel

Elementary (K-5th graders): Levi Yoder, Candy Darter

Middle School (6-8th grade): Kate Eshenaur, Guyandotte River Crayfish

High School (9th-12th grade): Hermione Vos, Eastern Cougar

esa contest winners (1)

Check out some of the endangered species artwork already submitted!

2101b) 4c1 00-1y0nsu2 Au1. AJoly-100-1

Candy Darter, age 2

Scanned Documents-1

Cheat Mountain Salamander, age 8

bald eagle 13

Bald Eagle, age 13


Eastern Cougar, age 11

flying squirrel 8

WV Northern Flying Squirrel, age 8

roatan coral snake 6

Roatan Coral Snake, age 7

snow leopard 9

Clouded Leopard, age 9

Eastern Cougar 8

Eastern Cougar, age 8

narwhal 5

Narwhal, age 5

red panda 5

Red Panda, age 5

Candy Darter 3

Candy Darter, age 3

Eastern Cougar 7

Eastern Cougar, age 7

bumblebee 4

Bumblebee, age 4


eastern cougar 6

Eastern Cougar, age 6

Easteca CoUgar-1

Eastern Cougar, age 6

Easteca CoUgar-2

Eastern Cougar, age 9

Eastern Cougar 8 (2)

Eastern Cougar, age 8

piping plover 8

Piping Plover, age 8


Candy Darter, age 5


Eastern Cougar, age 3


Guyandotte River Crayfish, age 7


Rusty Patched Bumblebee, age 7

guyandotte 17

Guyandotte River Crayfish, age 17

flying squirrel 4

WV Northern Flying Squirrel, age 4

harparella 5

Harperella, age 5

guyandotte 2nd grade

Guyandotte River Crayfish, age 8

Flying Squirrel 15

WV Northern Flying Squirrel, age 15

candy darter elementary

Candy Darter, elementary

giant panda 9

Giant Panda, age 9

ivory billed woodpecker 17

Ivory Billed Woodpecker, age 17

leopard 7

Leopard, age 7

guyandotte crayfish 4

Guyandotte River Crayfish, age 4


Rusty Patched Bumblebee, HS


Candy Darter, ag 15


Candy Darter, age 10

raflesia 6th grade

Raflesia, 6th grade


Cheat Mountain Salamander, age 5

koala 9

Koala, age 9

Reid Ely Harperella 3-1

Harperella, age 3

reid ely haperella 3-1

Cheat Mountain Salamander, age 3

Asher Ely candy darter 8-1

Candy Darter, age 8

Asher Ely – Persistent Trillium 8-1

Persistent Trillium, age 8

diamond darter 13

Diamond Darter, age 13

image0 (1)

Eastern Cougar, 12th grade

Runa Kirk Art Contest FOB

Rusty Patched Bumblebee, age 6

Lauren Worth Artwork Contest-1

Flat-spired Three-toothed Land Snail, age 11

image0 (3)

Candy Darter, Elementary