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“Friends of Blackwater works to protect the landscapes, natural and human communities, and heritage of the Blackwater Watershed and Canyon and to promote its sustainable economic development through public outreach, advocacy and restoration."


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Blackwater Fish Kill

A "fish kill" in the Blackwater River was reported to authorities by Friends of Blackwater volunteer John Arnold on September 16th. A malfunction at the liming station above the Town of Davis caused the pH in the river to rise to the abnormal level of 14. A computer failure apparently let excessive amounts of limestone enter the water, causing an extreme rise in alkalinity that killed an estimated 23,000 fish -- mostly minnows and daces – over a several-mile-long stretch of river. Officials fixed the problem quickly after Arnold's notice. The pH in the River has returned to normal, aquatic insects are coming back, small crayfish can be seen, and there are live fish coming in from tributaries. DNR fish biologist Frank Jernejcic says that there is enough breeding stock in the river for the population to return to normal in a couple of months. Trout stocking in the River will begin again in the spring. Thanks to the FOB volunteers and people at the DEP and DNR who responded to this crisis!

Click here to read the article that appeared in the WV Gazette.

Cheat Canyon Purchase Celebrated!

After eleven years of stalwart advocacy by Friends of Blackwater (and our wonderful allies), the entire wild and scenic Cheat River Canyon in Preston County is now permanently safe from destructive logging and road-building -- and will be moved into public ownership. Click here to read more!


Proposed Pipelines Threaten Monongahela National Forest? 

Dominion has proposed pipelines that will stretch across West Virginia and Virginia to move natural gas toNorth Carolina for export. They could impact our public lands in the Monongahela and George Washington National Forests, including iconic areas like the Shaver's Fork, Gaudineer Knob, Civil War sites and flying squirrel habitat. A new Coalition has formed to challenge this pipeline.

You can view the maps and read articles about proposed pipeline projects by clicking here.  



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FOB Presents: The Beautiful Blackwater Watershed - State of the River Report I

State of the River

FOB recently completed the First Edition of the State of the Blackwater Watershed. This document was funded through a grant from the WVDEP, Nonpoint Source Program's 319 AGO Fund.

Please click here to view the document online.

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Blackwater Hero Carrie Willams

Caroline "Carrie" M.Edwards was a schoolteacher, beginning in the 1890s, at the Coketon Colored School, at the head of the Blackwater Canyon.  In 1898 Williams and her lawyer J.R. Clifford (1848-1933), West Virginia's first black attorney, won equal treatment in West Virginia's Supreme Court for black students, and also equal pay for black teachers – all across the State of West Virginia.

Thanks to intrepid research on by FOB staff Brandae Mullins, we have recently connected with some of Carrie Williams' descendants. Click here to see a summary of what we have learned. 


Summer Tour of Blackwater with Briana

Our summer intern, Briana All, did a fabulous job of chronicling her adventures in Blackwater. Take a few minutes and click here to read all about the fun she had in and around the Canyon.