Scientific research confirms that human-caused global warming is already having significant impacts on the climate of the mid-Atlantic Allegheny Highlands.  

Severe weather events and destructive flooding are growing. Iconic species like brook trout and red spruce face extinction.  Unless global warming and climate change are reined in, the cool, high-mountain ecology and economy of the Highlands -- that have blessed generations of residents and visitors -- are "on the chopping block."

On this page, as we add to our new website,  you can find more information about our work on the impacts of global warming and climate change in the Highlands. 

Also, check out our Allegheny Highlands Climate Change Impacts Initiative Facebook page, where we post the latest scientific findings about how climate change is affecting the region. 

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Climate Change and Public Health Conference

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On Saturday September 21st, the West Virginia Center on Climate Change, a Friends of Blackwater offshoot, hosted the Climate Change and Public Health conference in Morgantown, WV in partnership with the WVU Law Center for Energy and Sustainable Development and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center. Over 125 people attended, including students, lawyers, health […]

RSVP now for Sept. 21 “Climate Change and Public Health” in Morgantown

We are excited to announce a major public workshop on “”Climate Change and Public Health: Addressing the Growing Crisis,” on September 21st, 2019, in Morgantown, West Virginia.  Learn more and RSVP here to reserve your place! Accelerating global warming and climate change are affecting every facet of human life and well-being.  Economic, physical, and mental injuries from […]

FOB Climate Consultant Featured in WBOY Story

Friends of Blackwater climate consultant and WV3C Director, Logan Thorne, was recently featured in a story by Morgantown station WBOY about addressing climate change in the Mountain State. Read the entire story at: Special thank you to Abigail Lawhead from WBOY for putting this together!


Scientific reporting on the effects of climate change

The Friends of Blackwater Climate Science Teacher's Manual

Learning resources successfully tested and enjoyed by hundreds of West Virginia students and teachers. Understanding this basic science is an important part of finding solutions to the challenge of climate change.

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