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Salamanders of the Blackwater Watershed

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Aaron's Audacious Adventures!

We have begun to release a series of articles about our Naturalist, Aaron Graham and his exploration of the Blackwater Watershed.

He has been surveying different biodiversity hotspots of the area in search of different species of plants and animals. He is an ace photographer and will post pictures of his findings in each edition!

Harris’s Checkerspot
Aaron Birding

Check Out Our 2022 State of the River Report!

Our Project Coordinator, Frank, has been working on this report for some time now and it's finally ready! Inside you will find information about the health, recreational opportunities, unique plants & animals, and history of the Blackwater Watershed! Click here to give it a read!


We are building a circle of love and protection around the landscapes and communities that we cherish.

Friends of Blackwater works to protect and promote natural beauty, diverse creatures, unique heritage, and the outdoor recreation economy in the Mid-Atlantic Allegheny Highlands -- home to the magnificent, 10,000-acre Blackwater Canyon – West Virginia’s “Scenic Crown Jewel.”  Our professional staff and grass-roots citizen advocacy are a strong force for responsible conservation and sustainable progress in the Highlands.

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Latest News

Keep up with Friends of Blackwater!
Orange Sulphurs

Aaron’s Audacious Adventures #7

After a few days’ leave to help with the Maryland Biodiversity Project’s Dan Rock morning flight bird count, I returned to a week where the weather cooperated for outdoor adventures around the Blackwater watershed. When a cold front moved in on Thursday, we saw the first true signs of fall around the Canyon. Winds out […]

American Snout

Aaron’s Audacious Adventures #6

Another short week for me paired with good weather led days filled with field surveys. Bird surveys led to picking through multiple flocks of passerines, a testament that fall is right around the corner, and in my opinion is quite welcome. Places along the Blackwater Rail Trail were abundant with groves of Staghorn Sumac which […]

Cedar Waxwing

Aaron’s Audacious Adventures #5

The summer showers in this week of July meant many days being in away to the confines of my office. However, as in life, there were breaks from the storm. Mornings were luckily when many of these breaks occurred, which led to me being able to complete several bird surveys. While many local breeders continued […]

Friends of Blackwater

Caring and courageous people are the key to effective environmental stewardship. These people and their stories are a part of Friends of Blackwater.
Purdue University researcher Liz Flaherty

Friends of Ginny!

Purdue University scientist Elizabeth Flaherty, and her graduate student are learning important new information about the diet of "Ginny", the West Virginia Flying Squirrel.
volunteers stand in front of a historic site

Blackwater Volunteers

These energetic volunteers are upgrading historic sites in the Blackwater Canyon.
postage stamp of civil rights lawyer J.R. Clifford

J.R. Clifford

West Virginia’s first African American attorney, who won a historic victory for equality in education. (1848-1933)
herpetologist Dr. Pauley with a snake and a turtle

Dr. Tom Pauley

Dr. Pauley has studied the endangered Cheat Mountain salamander for 40 years, while raising up new generations of skilled biologists. 
volunteer getting ready to go monitor flying squirrels

Brianna All

Brianna All spent a summer deep in the Monongahela National Forest, monitoring the West Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel.
group of people with a sign that says "Save the Blackwater Canyon"

Save Blackwater Canyon supporters

Supporters at Cheat Fest sign a photo petition with Ginny the flying squirrel, to help save Blackwater Canyon.

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